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Circuit Mod Menu is a new menu on the GTA market. It is the best menu for its price, including an easy-to-use UI and tons of fun features. Circuit is constantly receiving updates and acquiring new, unique features.



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📌Circuit Mod Menu Information

Circuit Mod Menu is a new menu on the GTA market. It is the best menu for its price of only $7! Circuit has an easy-to-use double user interface, meaning you can use the menu with your keyboard or your mouse. It is also incredibly stable and will rarely crash your GTA application, which cannot be said about most budget menus. Be sure to add Circuit, the best budget menu, to your collection today!

🛒 What Will You Receive Upon Purchase?

  • Your Circuit License Key.
  • Link to Download Circuit.
  • Download and Usage Instructions.
  • Unlimited, 24/7 Support.
  • Futures Updates Included for Free.
  • Lifetime Access to Circuit.

🔑 How Do I Redeem My License Key?

  1. You will receive your license key in your email after purchase.
  2. Navigate to the Circuit website and create an account.
  3. Go to the library tab and redeem your license key.
  4. Download the latest loader, open GTA 5, and inject.

⌨ Circuit Mod Menu Keybinds

  • Open/Close | Insert
  • Navigation | Arrow Keys

❓ Useful links

🎥 Circuit Mod Menu Showcase:

📃 Circuit Mod Menu Features:

  • Self Options
    • Godmode
    • Animations
    • Model Changer
    • Fast Run
    • Super Jump
    • Invisible
  • Player Options
    • ESP
    • Chat Commands
    • Removal Features
    • Hide IP & R*ID
  • Online Options
    • Modder Protections
    • Spoofer
    • Session Finder
    • Off the Radar
    • Anti AFK
  • Weapon Options
    • Explosive Ammo
    • Instant Kill
    • Aimbot
    • Unlimited Ammo
  • Vehicle Options
    • Vehicle Spawner
    • Mobile Los Santos Customs
    • Performance Upgrade
    • Horn Boost
    • Flying Car
  • Teleportation Options
    • Waypoint
    • LSIA
    • Houses
    • Apartments
    • Landmarks
  • World Options
    • Time
    • Weather
    • Sky Color
    • Traffic Density
  • Recovery Options
    • RP Correction
    • Unlock All
    • Stat Editor
  • Miscellaneous Options
    • FOV Editor
    • Mobile Radio
    • Shark Rain
    • Skip Cutscene
  • Settings
    • Language
    • Position
    • Height & Width
    • Header
    • Colors


Recovery Kings do not advise or condone – in any way, shape, or form – the usage of mod menus online as it is strictly forbidden as described in Rockstar’s Terms of Service.

3 reviews for Circuit Mod Menu

  1. coolboijuice#7670 (verified owner)

    its a good menu especially for the price

  2. Braydon (verified owner)

    Amazing menu it has many features and (in my opinion) is better than a 24$ menu an amazing menu for so cheap!

  3. IIDrxp#3048 (verified owner)

    I was doing research on this menu and I was so close to not buying it but I said why not and bought it and I got to say its the best menu I have used since Ozark I really recommend this menu for its price and for the menu itself. 10/10

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